Complete The Work -Ahwiaa Church Building Mission Project

 In the summer of 2008, I traveled to Ghana, West Africa, and held a seven-day crusade in the Village of Ahwiaa. The Lord blessed and 35 people were added to the local congregation of roughly 60 members. After returning home, I began fund raising for a church building for the Ahwiaa church as they were worshiping under a tin roof supported only by wooden beams. Through the generosity of my home church (Mount Carmel SDA in Syracuse, NY) and other supporter we have been able to raise $5,512.00. These funds have allowed for the building to be about 50-60% completed. We still need to raise roughly $2,0380.00 USD.

I am asking you  to participate in the “Complete The Work — Ahwiaa Church Building Mission Project “ by making a donation of any amount you'd like towards this project . This fund raising effort will remain active until the balance has been raised. The monies collected will go towards:

· Completion of the church

· Purchase of chairs or benches for the church

· IF there are extra funds after completion of the church :

Building of a baptistery. The cost of for the baptistery plus a hand dug well to supply the water is $3,300.00 USD. Currently there is no Seventh-day Adventist  church within the Amasi district with a baptistery. Baptisms take place at a river about 30-40 minutes away. The churches rent buses (which aren’t always reliable as I witnessed first hand in December 2010) to get the new members to the river. A baptistery would decrease the stress and financial burden on the local churches to baptize their members.

You can give by:

Mailing a check directly to : Mount Carmel SDA Church , PO Box 88 , 140 Furman Street , Syracuse , NY 13205 . Please make the check payable to Mount Carmel SDA Church and put GHANA CHURCH on the memo line  .

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who decided to give whether financially or with prayers. I am believing God that we will have the money to complete this church and be able to bless these beautiful people in Ghana.

Here is video of my visit to the building site in December 2010.

Awhiaa Church Building Update

Pictures of where the congregation currently meets: See below

 Pictures of the building site for the new church : See below.

Blessings to you ,